Loose Knitting And How To Fix It

Beginner Knitters 101

Oct 06

There’s this knitting thing, called tension

If this post already sounds a little bit similar to last week’s don’t be surprised… last week we talked about tight knitting. So this week we’re going to the other side of knitting tension – loose knitting.

Your knitting stitches might feel uneven if you are a knitter who has loose tension. They might be  gaping on the needles at one end, and sliding off the needle at the other.
And you’ll notice that perhaps you run out of yarn for Every. Single. Project.

‘Is the knitting world against me?’ you may ask.

And it can feel that way, if for every knitting project nothing ever fits, sleeves are far too long, yarn runs out far too quickly, there are big holes between stitches, or uneven rows sitting in the finished fabric.
Knitting with an even tension is something you can learn, and I’ve got lots of tips for you here, today. Crucially we won’t go so far that your knitting becomes too tight. That’s what you might remember for last week. We will find that Goldilocks tension again. Not too tight, not too loose. Jsut right, somewhere in the middle.

The bonuses to all this even tension?
Your knits will fit,
Your finished knits won’t need extra yarn,
You’ll feel like a knitter who can conquer the world (yes, really!) because everything you knit feels just right.

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