Should I Knit When I’m Sick (3 questions to ask yourself)

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Feb 04

If you’ve succumbed to a winter virus or hacking cough you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to knit or not.

Knitting is good for you, right?

Yes, there are so many benefits to knitting. From physical and mental health therapy to habit forming and building attention spans.
But today let’s focus on when you’re off work because you’re sick or you’re feeling run down and wondering whether knitting is a good idea to help boost your spirits.

To do this I’ll help you answer 3 questions for yourself to decide whether or not you’re in the best health to be knitting at the moment.
There will be times in every knitter’s life when getting out the yarn and needles for a bit of creative therapy is just not a good option. In that case I’ll also help you move gently back into knitting when you’re starting to feel better.

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if you’re with a child who’s off sick from school, a course I have might be ideal to go through once they’re starting to feel better, but not quite well enough for normal levels of activity.

When Can I Knit Too, Mummy? gives you guidance on teaching your child to knit.
It comes with knitting tutorials, ideas for first knits to keep the attention and interest alive and a yarn craft corner with lots of ideas to keep busy and creative with yarn stash aside from knitting.

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