What To Knit In Lockdown

Planning Your Knitting

Mar 24

What you knit in the next few months will likely depend on a couple of things:

  • how much yarn you can get your knitty hands on
  • and how much of each type, weight, fibre etc. you can find.

So let’s be prepared and figure out some plans to knit items of all sizes, depending on our yarn stash.⁠

Know full well that yarn will be ready and waiting for us when we’re in need of it. ⁠

There is an abundance of everything.

We need it, we will find it. There is much more yarn in the world than there are knitters. We can move it around and find what we need. And use what we do have wisely.
Many years ago I found the cheapest yarn possible to knit with. It was all I felt I could afford to prioritise as part of my budget.⁠

Then I realised that cheap yarn doesn’t always give the best results – some is amazing, don’t get me wrong – but some just sin’t worth the time it takes to knit up.⁠

What I did then was dive into my yarn stash.

I’d been given yarn from others’ stashes, from leftovers when local charity shops were struggling to sell it.⁠

And I’d more often that not dismissed it because it wasn’t my choice of fibre, weight of colour.⁠ But I found some real gems. I opened my mind to seeing the possibilities inside the abundance that I already had.⁠

That’s what we need to do now. See the abundance of the yarn we already have.⁠

And in today’s video I have the first download of ideas for what to knit from our current stash.⁠

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