Yarn Storage Ideas And Best Practices

Knitting Yarn 101

Mar 31

Whether you’re in the mood to start decluttering craft supplies throughout your house, or just want to focus on your yarn, I have some tips for you to store your yarn in various ways.

I’ll go through sorting and storing your yarn first. Because we all organise in different ways I’ve got lots of ideas for you.

You may want to display your yarn, so you can see all the glorious colours day and night, or perhaps you’d prefer it hidden in a box away from the prying claws of your small house-companions, be they children or pets!

Whichever you’d prefer, I’ll give you ideas to achieve the result that suits you.

And then today I’ll give you best yarn storing practices, to prevent moths and keep the yarn aerated, clean, tidy and easy to access when you need it.
Ideally you want to know what you’ve got, where it is, so you can use it rather than go on another shopping spree. It’s oh, s, easy to fill up those virtual yarn baskets in our favourite online store!

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