What To Knit In Spring

Planning Your Knitting

Mar 30

As winter says goodbye there’s a contemplation that knitters go through….

Will I keep knitting, or shall I put the needles and yarn away for a few months?

I say ‘keep going!’. Those needles can click throughout the spring and summer months, with some fabulous results, not to mention the unseen benefits that all knitters know and love.
Knitting is such a calming, meditative, gentle pastime, that we know we’d miss it if it wasn’t there. Taking the time out of your day and week to focus on something other than the laundry, the school run and ‘what’s for dinner’ makes such a difference.

So pull out your needles and rummage through your yarn stash.

I’ve come up with lots of ideas for knitting projects that are perfect for the spring. Let’s get knitty!

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