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Apr 06

Those pesky bobbles!

I’m not sure if non-knitters have any idea how much they annoy us. It can almost feel like the whole process of knitting was then ruined by the yarn not holding out long enough to make the effort worthwhile!

But is it a universal problem?
Well, when it comes to pilling and bobbling, knitted fabric will likely be prone to it more than woven. It can also depend on the tightness of the stitches, and the quality of the yarn. If a yarn is made up of smaller, shorter fibres, the ends of those fibres will be more numerous.

And hence….. more pills will form.

There is a solution – de-pilling, or de-bobbling.

Today I’m going to show you most of (if not all) of the de-pillers on the market today, and explain which ones will do the job better than others. I’ll also show you which ones I avoid like the plague, and which I turn to for a full de-pilling session.

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