Which needles should I use for chunky yarn?

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Sep 18

Once you’ve realised that you need to use chunky yarn, you have to find the right needles… But which ones!?????!!!???

I love knitting with all sorts of yarn, just as much as the next knitter. But when it comes to winter knits, I can’t get enough of chunky yarn. I love so many different styles, be that 100% British wool, or ¬†merino, or even mohair. ( I show you some of my faves in the yarn review that I did in July)

The needles you chose can give so many different affects if you’re starting without a patterns. There’s also the question of whether you follow what the instructions say on the patterns, or on the paper ball band that comes with the yarn.

This video will help you find the needles you need for all the bulky, chunky yarn in your life, whatever you’re knitting, whether you’re knitting with a pattern or not.

If you’re following me on social media, you may this new website has recently been uploaded. Yay! (if your’e reading this it was a successful upload!
The biggest change has been the disappearance of the pattern shop for a few weeks. It’s moving to a different site and will be gone until the end of October.
If you’re feeling the chilly mornings and fancy some fingerless mitts or chunky hats, you can find a lot (not all) of my patterns over on Ravelry. Take a look in the search for Knit With Hannah, or use this link.

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