How To Knit Elbow Patches

I don’t know about you, but elbow patches make me think of dusty old English Professors, and tweed jackets. And didn’t the eleventh Doctor Who, aka Matt Smith, have leather elbow patches in his tweed jackets? (Matt probably wore them in his hunting jacket as Prince Philip too!)

The whole idea is to encourage a favourite item to give a few more year’s wear and allow that love to continue.

A few weeks ago I discovered holes in the elbow of my favourite cardigan. I was surprised, to say the least, the holes appeared so quickly, in what I remembered as a perfectly good sleeve!

So what could I do as a knitter but find some yarn and set about knitting some elbow patches? The holes were only on one elbow, but the second sleeve was wearing a little thin too, so my first task was to darn and make sure the patch would hold a well-shaped sleeve together, rather than a stretched or squashed hole.

Then I set too it…. and I’ll show you the technique I used here.

If you would like the written pattern for this elbow patch, you can download it here:
Elbow Patch free pattern

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