Beginner's Knit And Natter

 Learn to knit like your Gran in just a few weeks, even if you've never picked up needles and yarn in your life before.

Just imagine if...

  • You can go into a yarn store with your bestie and have all the knowledge you need to understand the knitter's language that she goes into when chatting with the owner.

  • Understanding and deciphering the gobble-de-gook in the 'patterns' that looks like Greek will be a breeze!

  • You're feeling so much pride, when handing out Christmas presents that you've handmade, without the sinking sensation in your stomach that the stitches might fall apart once they take them home. 

Let's Get This Right! 
(even if it's your second or third attempt!)

  • You'll learn that knitting is easy with the right approach. Your coffee table will have a pile of quintessentially English knitting magazines, that you're actually using and knitting from- how picture perfect is that?!

  • Those cosy winter evenings when the children are falling asleep to the Moana soundtrack (#notagain!), will be filled with memory moments as you finish knitting their Christmas jumpers in secret.

  • Just imagine the pride you'll feel when knitting a cashmere scarf for your husband. You and your sis-in-law can sit clicking your needles, while the children scream and laugh with delight over Hungry Hippos for the three-thousandth time!

Join the Knit and Natter, and learn to knit with Hannah,

impress friends and family, and check off knitting from your bucket list!

Beginner's Knit and Natter

6 weekly knit and natters

Easy to access webinar-style live videos. so you can join me on screen and show me your knits if you choose, or just hang out and have fun sharing your wins in the chat.  
You can ask me questions about needles, yarn, or fixing mistakes and we'll have bragging time every week.

BONUS Community of knitters to cheer you on

Share your wins with fellow knitters, ask questions, compare your yarn choices and post photos of your progress each week. I'll be in there every day for 8 weeks to support you too.
Using a pop-up Facebook group as a platform, we'll bring everyone together, so the learning happens in a group and the motivation and enthusiasm is multiplied. (no more dropped resolutions!)

6 Knit And Natters (£60 value)

BONUS Community of knitters supported by Hannah (£50 value)
Join the Beginner's Knit and Natter

early-bird price, just £35

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Who is this knitting dame anyway?

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old.
(Almost 4 decades!)
And supporting beginner knitters for as long as I can remember, from my friends at school, to my family and knitting buddies.

I've been teaching for many years. My super power is breaking down ideas into achievable steps... so you can knit up a frenzy without the stress!

Karen says:

"I learned some basic stitches on YouTube but I really feel empowered as I start through the video lessons! I love that you share the little tips on what you do personally, so that I can try that too and so far it is going much better!"

Did I forget? How about some Extra bonuses! :D

Extra Bonus 1

Members-only prices (up to 30% off) on all beginner's courses and weekend workshops. (Includes Novice Knitter courses and Beginner's Cable and Lace courses.)

Extra Bonus 2

Life-time access to the online Knit and Natters. If you can't join us one week you can watch the replay. If you're knitting in July and looking for an answer to a question that you asked in January, you can knit along with the recording!

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