Finishing Your Christmas Knitting On Time

Christmas Knitting

Nov 10

Let’s get your Christmas knitting finished

As we talked about in Christmas Knitting 2020, this year feels difficult and preparing for Christmas might mean we need different dealings and motivations to keep knitting.

You know what you want to knit for yourself; maybe a cute bolero cardigan for Christmas day.
For friends, you might be knitting secret Santa gifts to post to your new Zoom work-mates.

For family, you might want to prepare hand-knitted Stockings for Christmas morning and maybe gifts such as hats and scarves to match across the generations.

The big elephant in the room is that you need those items knitted by Christmas, or before if you need to box up those gifts and take them to the Post Office first.

So let’s get a plan in place to make it more likely that you’ll be able to say ‘I did it!’ when the big day comes around.

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Find all the links here that I mentioned in the video:
The free pdf to help you plan the knits you’re knitting for Christmas gifts:

The beginner knitting kits and digital patterns are here
The digital courses are here

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