How To Knit A Bobble

Cable Knitting

Mar 16

Adding textures to your knitting can start with bobbles

Often seen in cable knitting patterns, these bobbles add an extra height to textured knitting. Small and sharp they’re created with increasing and decreasing techniques being used close together to form bump in the knitted fabric.

Once you’ve started you’ll not stop and can add them to scarves, shawls, mittens and even use them as buttons along a cardigan’s button band.

In this video I’m sharing the technique that I honed after testing out some sample options, so the increases and decreases are as tight and neat as possible.
And I’m sharing how you can avoid the ‘turning’ part of the bobble knit. Switching between needles and turning the knitting may seem unavoidable, but you can actually miss that out if you follow the tutorial as I show you the backwards purl stitch!

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See the video from two weeks’ ago for tips on knitting with cotton (as I was here)

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And the pattern here

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