What To Knit Next (7 inspirations for your next knitting project)

Planning Your Knitting

Apr 30


This is every creative’s dilemma!

Sometimes you finish a project and there’s no inspiration for the next. I’ve even found myself delaying the end of one project so I can spend more time deciding on the next!

It can happen in all hobbies, not just knitting, so where do you go for ideas? I have some things that might spark your knitting interest today….
keep watching, if you’re really stuck for knitting project idea.

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Which knitting inspiration will you take next?

Perhaps the first one:

Look at the knitwear in your wardrobe

What do you have already and what’s missing?
This is ideal for whether you’re knitting, or whether you’re going shopping. By narrowing down your choices you find it easier to make a final decision.

If something is missing you’ll need to fill the space. Perhaps that’s a cardigan, or a scarf that needs replacing.

Consider the people around you

Does anyone have a birthday coming up? If so maybe you could put something on your needles and have it finished and ready to wrap as a special handmade gift.

Perhaps there’s going to be a new baby in your close family and you’d like to knit a baby blanket or a few beanies and mitts in different sizes. Find some light cotton/merino yarn and pick a pattern.

Again, this is narrowing your choices, so it’s easier to make a final decision.

Think about the time of year

If it’s near Christmas you may want to knit some decorations or gifts. If summer is on it’s way then you’ll likely want to knit something light, such as a lacey cotton wrap.

Maybe the smart option is also to knit small items so the fabric isn’t becoming a lap blanket as you knit! We don’t need that in the summer! In that case knit some cotton coasters, or some bookmarks, for ‘back-to-school’ mania that hits in September.

Keep watching the video for four more ideas.


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