How To Pick Yarn When You Can’t Get To A Yarn Store

Planning Your Knitting

Oct 27


Online yarn shopping has become a necessity.

Before this year you may have gone to a yarn store in-person sometimes, picked yarn up when you were travelling or on a city break. Maybe you did an occasional online order, but only if you new the yarn was just what you needed.

This year isn’t giving us any breaks. We have to make sacrifices and one of those is to do less shopping on thigh Street and more online.

So let’s make it easier if it’s something you’re not used to.

Perhaps you’ve used up your yarn stash and it’s time to find some new yarn for a winter project, or you’re looking for something specific for knitting Christmas presents.

I’ve got a few tips for you today to make this an easier transition and also to help you make sure the yarn you pick is more likely to appear on your doorstep and be exactly as you expected so you’re ready to pick up your needles and start knitting!

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If you’re sorting out your yarn before choosing any new, this portable ball winder tutorial will help you declutter left-overs.

And the yarn declutter challenge can be found here

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Norma Jean Holman

Hi Hannah,
I’m so glad I found you. I haven’t knitted for 50 yrs, then I found a book at the Dollar Tree called, ‘Knitivity’ by Fiona Goble. It’s about knitting a Nativity Scene. So far I’ve knitted the donkey and Mary. Since I don’t know a knitter I had to dig out my knitting books to figure the stitches. Even though it’s been difficult relearning to knit I find it relaxing. I have left all the mistakes in each piece trying to repair them along the way. Since it takes so little yarn I’ve gone to thrift stores to find remanents. It’s really fun.
I do have a question, making the sheep calls for ‘specialist cream yarn’, it must be a different kind of yarn because it’s for the sheep which are fluffy. Where can I find this? I look forward to hearing from you.
Norma Holman

    Hannah Gilly

    Hi Norma, Yes I’ve seen that book, it’s a fun project for sure. 😀 You’d probably want to look for a white or cream bouclé yarn. That will be fluffy enough but still be relatively easy to knit with. Just be sure that the description on the website or info on the yarn’s ball band recommends 4mm -5mm needles, otherwise you’ll end up with a very big or very small sheep! LOL happy knitting! Hannah


I needed this, thank you!

    Hannah Gilly

    Hi Adele, i’m so glad this was helpful for you! happy knitting . 😀

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