What To Knit In Summer

Planning Your Knitting

Jun 23

The warmer months don’t really lend themselves to knitting, for a lot of serial knitters

There’s hot weather, beaches, strawberries and cream and not a lot of warm cosy knitwear.

But we don’t have to just knit to keep us warm. I’ve got lots of ideas for you today on what to knit in the summer, we just need to realise the opportunities for summer knitting.
Large projects feel uncomfortable sitting in your lap.
Woolly fibrous yarns get sticky in your hands.
And perhaps you just don’t feel inspired to start knitting the cowl that you won’t be wearing for another 4 months.

So pull out your needles and rummage through your yarn stash.

I’ve come up with lots of ideas for knitting projects that are perfect for the summer. Let’s get knitty!

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